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Meridian at if ART

if ART Gallery Concert Series presents:

Meridian (Tim Feeney/Sarah Hennies/Greg Stuart)

Doors open at 8 pm; concert starts at 8:30 
Admission: $10.00

Drawing on experiences performing both improvised and composed music, Meridian's approach to percussion places the exploration of sound and acoustic phenomena in the foreground. In creating their music, Meridian reimagines its materials, so that an instrument like a snare drum becomes a cylindrical shell with an attached flexible membrane. For Meridian, instruments are unique sound-making and sound-filtering objects, to be set into vibration coupled with resonant metals, dragged with scraping implements, or driven directly by fingers, bows, or feedback circuitry. In performance, each musician invents a new method for producing sound, a new aggregate instrument, in real-time.

Meridian is Tim Feeney, Sarah Hennies, and Greg Stuart.